Please no more free advertising to the president

Published 9:57 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2018

For more than three years we have seen how the media: press, radio, television, etc. Has been giving free publicity to the candidate and now President, repeating his name and surname constantly. The free advertising provided during the election campaign is valued in more than $2,000,000,000.00.

Repeat constantly the name of the president, according to the accredited psychologist, has a double effect, for some, it produces attraction and support for his ideas, for others produce conformism and resignation. This gives electoral advantage to his person the Republican Party.

The President accuses the media in the most blatant, insulting and aggressive manner of being the number one enemies of the American people. The aggression to the media is increasing reaching extremes situations, such as not allowing the presence or even expelling journalist from their press conferences or presentations. This fanfare is extremely harmful to a journalist in the United States and the world, perhaps we could relate to the recent horrific attacks with bomb packages and that suffered the press in Annapolis, Maryland.

Attacks on the press are an attack on the Constitution, freedom of expression and the right of every citizen to be well informed. The damage that is being done to the country in general and to the press, in particular, must stop immediately and definitively.  The media: press, radio, TV, etc., should stop constantly repeating the President’s name. In cases where there is no other choice, they can use alternatives such as President, the Executive, the Administration, etc.

Please, for the sake of our democracy, of our country, for our families and future generations; do not repeat constantly the name or surname of the President. Please, no more free publicity to he President.


Thank you,

Angel Luis Ponce de Leon

Lake Worth, Florida