A Christmas miracle stuffed with love

Published 8:43 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2018

By Courtney Zetar

The Orange Leader


Normally, around this time of year, most kids are making their Christmas list of their favorite toys. To most of them, Christmas is about what they want from someone instead of what they would like to give someone.

This year, one small town girl is taking an extraordinary act of giving to another level.

At just the tender age of six Adison Briggs, of Bridge City, has decided to use her kindness for giving instead of receiving. She started collecting teddy bears for Christmas and wants to donate them to the elderly at local nursing homes in the Orange and Bridge City area.

“One day I was sitting at home and the thought just came to me,” said Adison, who already had her own set of teddy bears.

Adison, daughter of Tiffany and Chris Briggs, has always had a caring heart. Tiffany says even at such a young age her daughter has surprised her with Adison’s giving personality.

“It really amazed me when she came to me with this idea, and after putting a post on Facebook it just took off,” said Tiffany.

At home, Adison is like any other kid. She enjoys arts and crafts, watching SpongeBob and YouTube videos, and also enjoys an occasional bowl of ice cream.

“I love cookies and cream ice cream,” Adison continues. “I think when I’m 100 years old I’ll still be eating ice cream.”

Adison also has an older sister Alexis, 14, who will be helping her with the project.

They started out with about 10 bears and now the number of teddy bears has blossomed to 186.

“We had no idea it would be this many bears, one lady donated about 22 of them,” Tiffany said.

Her father, Chris, is also very proud of Adison.

“Just the fact that this idea came from my baby girl has really touched my heart,” Chris said.

Adison said if she could she would give each Teddy bear their own names like she has given her own.

“I have a horse stuffed animal named sweetheart, a bear named Mr. Fluffy and a dog named chocolate milk,” Adison said.

Though her mom has OCD, she doesn’t mind the flood of teddy bears they have received. Adison, Tiffany, and sister Alexis plan to dress up and deliver each bear to various nursing homes in the area.

“My sister will be the Grinch and I’ll be Cindy Lou with pigtails, of course,” Adison said.

She would like Santa to bring her one of the latest toys called “Lil Gleemerz” but isn’t really concerning herself with what she wants.

She loves Christmas not for its commercial reasons but for what’s at the core of the holiday’s meaning, which is giving and living a Christ-like manner to which most youths her age should be inspired by.

“The main reason I did this is because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I think teddy bears for Christmas should make anyone feel better and giving them away to the elderly makes me feel way better than keeping them for myself,” Adison said.

The drop location for donated teddy bears is at the Pilot gas station on State Hwy 62 in Orange.