Erin Purifoy, Teacher of the Week

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, November 24, 2018


LCM’s teacher Erin Purifoy has done it all, from Inclusion Aide to Teacher. That path has helped her in the classroom. She says this about her teaching, “I guess I just try to get to know my students. Their strengths and weaknesses likes and dislikes. The most challenging part of teaching isn’t teaching the material, it’s getting the kids interested in learning it. If a kid is having a rough day and I can tell their mind is somewhere else I make sure to let them know they can talk to me, I try to help them work through the difficult task of just being a teenager that way they can get their head back into learning.”


To her hard work is not just acknowledged with an “A”, but she tries to instill a culture of dedication and hard work. She says, “I also think it’s important to celebrate their success and hard work. Being rewarded in life for a job well done keeps the momentum up, so I make sure all my students know I am in their corner to help them succeed. You catch more flies with honey and positive reinforcement goes a long way!”


Battlin’ Bear students are in good hands with teachers like Erin Purifoy. We at the Orange Leader salute Erin for going the extra mile!


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