Horse rescued after three hours in water

Published 6:06 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2018

By Eric Williams

The Orange Leader

A horse was able to walk it self home after being startled by another horse Wednesday morning.
According to a Orange County Deputy on the scene, they responded to the 12000 block of Farm to Market Road 1130 in reference to a horse stuck in the water.
The horse became spooked and took off towards the water and the female rider was able to jump off the horse before it fell into the water.
Several good Samaritans stopped to help the trapped horse.
Tyler Payne said, “I was traveling into town when I noticed a lady trying to retrieve her horse out of the water.”
Without hesitation, Payne explained how he just had to jump in and help. Not knowing anything about horses, Payne stayed by the horse’s side the whole three hours it took to rescue the animal.
Gilbeaux’s tow truck driver,s Robbie Rider and Kalep Evans, responded to the scene with a crane truck at the request of the Sheriff’s Department to help rescue the animal.
Rider said, “I wished they would have called me sooner as he loves doing things to help his community out.”
Rider added, “I couldn’t charge the owner of the horse for our response for the simple fact of  saving a animals life was well worth any amount of money”.
It took a group effort to do what these Samaritans did and finally the horse was rescued out of the canal.
After taking a few minutes to rest up, the horse stood up on its on feet and was greeted by its owner and walked it self home.
Payne said, “I have never had any experience with horses but I could see myself owning one in the near future.”
Orange County ESD #3 also assisted with the rescue of the animal.