Discover your work

Published 3:01 pm Saturday, November 17, 2018

by Aquila Tyson

The average person does not like getting up on Monday mornings! For 25 years, Bob, who is the Vice President of a thriving company got up as was his custom, put on his nice blue suit, dress shoes, his power tie and briefcase, he went to this job faithfully. He always complained about how tired he was and expressed that he didn’t enjoy his job. Now on the weekends, Bob found himself spending hours working on old cars, getting them ready for car shows. To Bob’s surprise, his cars always came in first place. One day while working on the cars, Bob’s son asked him, “dad, why do you spend hours working on these cars and never complain” Bob hesitated for a moment, as tears began rolling down his face, he replied, “son, I have never liked that job, I only go, to support my family, my passion is really cars, whatever you do son, don’t be like your daddy, find out who you are and be that.”

Can you relate to Bob? I believe you can, let me help you understand the difference between your job (the 9 to 5), which is what you are paid to do (your skill), but your work (is what you were born to do). In other words, when you discover your work, you discover your purpose. Your purpose is your gift God placed on the inside of you before you were born. It is your gift to the world! An employer can fire you from a job (skill), but no one can ever fire you from your work (purpose). For instance, let us consider a bird, have you ever tried to fire a bird from flying? Think about it for a moment, if you tell the bird to go, the flight goes with him, he takes his gift with him. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the bird goes, he will always take flight with him. When you discover your gift, you have discovered your assignment and purpose in life.

See employment (just having a job), can prevent you from seeing the table in the tree. The average person would prefer to buy a table than make it themselves. You were born with a gift to solve a problem. When the problem meets the gift, wealth is automatic. Wealth follows the solution you solve. Focus on your gift! Every problem is an opportunity to create a business. Your business is trapped on the inside of you, waiting to be discovered and released to the world, but it comes in the form of a problem. Businesses are born when the solution to the problem is discovered, for example, consider fast food chains, they saw how busy families were and designed a way to provide quick meals where you don’t even get out of your car, what happened, they solved a problem. Whoever solves problems, get paid.

A man’s gift will make room for him, and brings him before great men, Proverbs 18:16. Find your gift (work) and you will never look for a job again. So let’s get busy and go to WORK!