Positive Highlights: A man of honor in all he does

Published 10:31 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Humble, hard- working, compassionate, respectful, diligent, charismatic, a true leader.  I could keep going about how awesome our Mayor Larry Spears Jr. is because he displays a man of honor in every way.

Since Spears has come into office as Mayor in 2018, a lot of great things have been happening in the city of Orange, Texas.

Trash Pickup in the community, the expansion of businesses in the city, bringing things in the community to benefit our youth, and local events for families etc.  He has set forth as a leader to be that example for our residents.

“If we want a change in our city, we must be the change,” Spears said at an event he spoke at in the community. “The change starts with us. Orange, Texas has a lot of great things to offer and it takes all of us to be positive and more involved in our community.”

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. just got selected to be honored as one of the Professionals 40 under 40 in 2018; where he will be honored in Beaumont, Texas. An award that is much deserved and recognized for an awesome human being.

One of the traits I really admire about our mayor is his humility.  You will never see Mayor Larry Spears Jr. act pompous nor disrespectful to the people in his community.  His character speaks for itself and he uses the influences his parents taught him as a child in both his professional and personal life.

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. and his beautiful wife Trisha Spears just welcomed their daughter Lara Sarai Spears.  We are so happy for them and their family and we congratulate them.

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. does not need a long article about what he has done for the City of Orange, his work speaks for itself.  Mayor Larry Spears Jr., we the residents of Orange, Texas are very proud of you and continue to do a FANTASTIC job in the community.


Mary Ekene/ Activist for Bring Positivity Back/Owner/CEO of Livol