She has been a Richard much longer than she was a Bertrand

Published 9:41 pm Saturday, October 27, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


Mrs. Floyd Richard, the former Miss Elaine Bertrand appears to have been happily married for fifty-seven years.

Sunday afternoon she sat in the place of honor, surrounded by family and friends.  They were gathered together to console her as she mourned the passing of her husband.

My bride told her she was cute as we met her for the first time.  Mrs. Richard was easy to visit with.

She told us her husband set a goal at their fiftieth anniversary of celebrating their sixtieth anniversary.  But she knew as the years went by he may not make it.  She seemed to appreciate his effort.

Mrs. Richard and her husband are parents to five children, grandparents to nine and great-grandparents of fifteen.

It was easy to relate to Mrs. Richard and those gathered about her.  It reminded me of my own grandmother whose Cajun charm was evident in Ms. Richard.

It also reminded me of many family gatherings of the past.  Good memories are good to have.

Thank you, Mrs. Richard, for your fifty-seven years of devotion to your husband and your continued devotion to your family.  You are representative of the things, which are good and right in our world.


You should see the movie about the trial of Kermit Gosnell

If it is still showing when you see this post I suggest you see the movie about the trial of Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell ran an inner-city health care clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He was convicted of murdering four people during the course of administering health care to his patients.  As a result, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

It is not a pleasant story.  The movie is dramatic and will keep your stomach in a knot while you watch it.

But you should see it because it sheds light on a dark reality.


Voting is brisk

Early voting turnout in Orange County is replicating the rest of the nation.

I doubt you can predict an outcome in any of the contested races in Orange County based on the turnout.

But voters are engaged and want their will imposed.  Voting is the best way to impose your civic will.

Don’t think your vote will not count.  In the primary election held in the spring, the incumbent precinct two county commissioner was defeated by a razor-thin margin. If three people who voted for Theresa Beauchamp had stayed home Barry Burton would be on the ballot today.

So, impose your will!  Don’t get left out!


Where do you call home?

In the mid-eighties, The Orange Leader seemed to be solidly in place on Front Avenue and 1st Street.

But soon after the turn of the century, circumstances began to unfold which would cause a move.

A new production facility, Triangle Press, was in place on Martin Luther King Drive just north of Tulane Road.

A hurricane inflicted severe damage, prompting a move to a new location.

Lamar State College-Orange now has their Allied Health Building at Front and 1st Street.

Meanwhile, the Leader staff found a temporary home at the ‘press’ on MLK.  Then they moved once again to there current home in the Dal Sasso building behind Wienerschnitzel.

The Dal Sasso building has been a wonderful place to operate a newspaper.

In part, because it is conveniently near good burgers, hot dogs, doughnuts and french fries.

But, mostly, because of folks like ChrisLeigh, Barbara, Emily and Austin who are not your typical landlords.  They are just plain nice folks.

But, soon we will move on.

Several months ago a long time customer privately announced his intention to retire.

What about your building?

Are you willing to sell it?

The rest is soon to be history.

The Orange Leader will be moving soon to 1008 Green Avenue between the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and the Smith Law firm.

Since 1971, this location has been the home of Orange Insurance Agency.

We hope to make it the home of The Orange Leader for many years to come.

It is good to have a place to call home.  For several years, the Dal Sasso Building has filled the bill.

Thank you ChrisLeigh, we appreciate you and the staff of Dal Sasso Realty.  You have certainly made us feel at home.


Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at