Rafael Cruz, Brian Babin in Orange for Rally

Published 11:15 pm Saturday, October 27, 2018

by David Covey

Orange, TX –Even as the first week of early voting was in progress, Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz, joined forces with Congressman Brian Babin to hold a “Get Out the Vote Rally” last Thursday in West Orange. The event was organized by the Orange County Republican Party and was well attended by residents of Orange County and neighboring counties.

Congressman Babin opened by sharing about his recent time spent with President Trump in Houston and urging Republicans to get out and vote. “Trump’s name is not on the ballot, but Trump is on the ballot”, said Babin, referring to this election is a referendum on Trump’s agenda.  He urged that Republicans must vote if they want to continue to see a strong economy and give a future to their children and grandchildren.

photo courtesy of David Covey

“My son has delivered results, including a historic tax cut,” said Rafael Cruz. He also expressed enthusiasm about the high voter turnout which is being seen around Texas. He believes this is a good sign for Republicans and stressed “every vote counts”.  Mr. Cruz spoke about being an immigrant from Cuba and how immigration is a wonderful thing when it is done “legally”. He emphasized that Senator Ted Cruz and President Trump have a firm alliance and Ted Cruz is vital to advancing President Trump’s agenda in the Senate. “This Senate election provides a clear contrast between Texas values and extreme liberalism”, said Chairman David Covey. “If you want to continue to see a vibrant economy and strong family values in Texas, then Ted Cruz is your man”, continued Covey.

The crowd was very interactive and constantly broke out with applause as Cruz and Congressman Babin addressed them. Chairman Covey ended the rally by thanking everyone for being educated about the issues and encouraged them to go vote.