What is going on with Terrie Turner Salter?

Published 11:01 pm Saturday, October 20, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


Terrie Turner Salter is all over the place these days.

She is one of six city council members who currently serve the City of Orange.

Terrie represents my neighbors and I on the City of Orange City Council.

But, I do believe, she is a marketing executive on the side.

It is really not hard to figure out what is going on with Turner.  She is doing all she can to support and promote the city she serves with gusto.

Lately, she has been on Facebook sharing placards about any and every event in Orange she can.

She is an all-star social media tagger.  She can tag a bevy, a covey, a herd, a throng and a whole pack of followers in one fail swoop.

If everybody she tags promoting an Orange event shared her post. then the whole world would know about Orange County faster than you can say ‘social media, tag you are it.’

God bless her for her efforts.

She seems willing to support her town.

She must have a passion for Orange.

Good for her!

I suspect she is not alone.

I know Mayor Larry Spears Jr. loves Orange.

He committed his love for Orange to pen and pad and let us publish his words in a recent issue of Orange Living magazine.

(By the way Mr. and Mrs. Spears congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Lara Sarai.  She is a real cutie.)

Turner and Spears are not alone in their support for and promotion of the city of Orange and Orange County.

Keep up the good work Councilperson Turner and Mayor Spears and all others who share their passion!


Vote for Beto or carry on with Cruz

Voters will soon get the chance to vote in the infamous mid-terms.

(We really need to get this mid-term behind us so all the Democratic and Republican candidates running for President of the United States (POTUS) in 2020 can kick off their campaign.)

Beto O’Rourke is the Democrat candidate seeking to unseat the junior United States Senator from Texas, Republican Ted Cruz.

Beto seems to be a typical democrat.  A quick review of his website and statements on issues reveals no surprises.

On education, he is opposed to using public tax dollars to attend a private school.

He lumps the topic of energy with the environment and supports the promotion of renewable sources of energy and rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.

Cruz joined the battle to defend Texas marriage laws when others sought to recognize a Vermont civil union.

He advocated for students’ right to display religious content at school events.

And he worked to maintain the rights of service members to worship.

If you pay attention to politics nothing about these candidates’ positions should surprise you.

The choice is probably clear for you.  Either you have decided to vote for Beto or carry on with Cruz.

Take time to learn more about these men and their positions.   Then take time to learn more about candidates for other races.

Because starting Monday, October 22 you can vote in the infamous mid-terms.

Then we can get on with the campaign for POTUS in 2020.


Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.