Being born with benefits

Published 10:33 pm Saturday, October 20, 2018

By Karen Y. Stevens


I’m watching the news story about the Pastor that was freed from Turkey, and thinking how great our country is.  I saw the picture of him kissing the American flag and praising God, as he disembarked the plane that took him to safety.  The American people fought for his freedom, just because he was born on American soil.

Our forefathers thought the process was freedom to worship God almighty, anyway, we choose.  Praise God for these people!  The majority of our forefathers that left England, were Protestants that were escaping the Roman Catholic Church.  (I just noticed that “Protestants” is “Pro – test”?)  Well, when I noticed this, I had to look up the definition.  Turns out it’s a pretty boring definition.  It means “a member or follower of any of the Western Christian churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church, and follow the principles of the Reformation.”  (Informative, but “yawn”.)

We as Americans take freedom for granted, and I know that phrase is quoted so many times, we don’t even listen to it when it is said.  It is hard to know real oppression when we live in such a great country.

The Protestants were protesting the oppression, and beliefs of the Catholics, which is no longer an issue.  Since England was/is ruled by a hierarchy, who’s Queen or King was, and is head of the church; it was considered treason to go against the Catholic beliefs.

I love watching period pieces, especially the British ones; all the shows on Queen Victoria, Elizabeth or the Three Musketeers.  “The Kings Speech” got bad reviews, but I enjoyed it (besides all the cussing).  Also, I like Collin Firth who played the King, so that helped get past the cussing.

If you have seen one of these movies, you would know the King, or Queen were always questioning what they should do, based on them being the “head” of the church.  But, you never saw them seeking out God or His wisdom.  They never prayed; they just assumed since they were born the “head” of the church, that whatever they decided, would be correct.  It gave them the power and the authority by being born into a royal family.

In the Old Testament, the Levi’s were appointed by God to be the Ministers of the church.  They were born into that station just by being born a Levi.

We are born American, just by our Mom being in this country at the time of our birth.  We get to enjoy all the benefits of America, by this birthright.

So, when John says “we must be born again” in John 31:1, he is saying we were not born into our correct station.  We need to be born into God’s family, so we will have the power and authority with the backing of that family.

Do you need power and authority, over your life?  Then take it by asking God to forgive you of your sins, and you will be born again into God’s Kingdom.  You will then have the luxury of all the benefits that God’s Kingdom has to offer, – ruler over satan, peace, joy, love, and so much more.