Meet the Council: Pernell Striving to make the city better

Published 1:52 pm Saturday, October 13, 2018

By Krista Chandler

The Orange Leader


Annette Pernell savors each morning she wakes up to the sounds of old hymnals played by church bells from her home in Orange, before venturing out for the day and noticing something new and beautiful each time.

Pernell, District 4 representative of the Orange City Council, said for the last 16 years she has been absorbing the beauty that encompasses her district – the Stark and Heritage museums, the Lutcher Theatre, the Cove and, of course, its people.

Originally from North Carolina, Pernell and her husband moved to Southeast Texas nearly 19 years ago. After taking a trip through the historic district of Orange and then to Tri-City Supply to update their home, they “fell in love with this quaint city.”

In her free time, Pernell enjoys the simple yet beautiful parts of life in Orange – Art in the Park, the Tunnel Boat Races, visiting Shangri La gardens with her grandchildren, visiting the Pavilion for movies under the stars or to walk her dog, Mr. Wilson, and “just sitting on my front porch enjoying life at its peaceful best.”

A self-described lover of everything artsy, Pernell originally desired to serve on the Historic Preservation Board or the Convention and Visitor Bureau Board.

Fittingly, in her role on the City Council on and off since 2011, Pernell’s “hope was to have more citizen involvement at every level, because citizens make the city.”

Pernell said she feels District 4 is the greatest place to live in the city, but that she feels the Cove “has been grossly overlooked and neglected,” and wants the support of the city and its councilmembers to pitch in and help renew and rejuvenate the area.

“We all have visitors and we all want the best for the city as a whole,” Pernell said. “The city of Orange is amazing and to be in a position where I can help make positive changes is a blessing. I strive daily to represent my district and my city in the best way possible.”

In theme with attracting visitors and new residents to Orange, Pernell will participate in the upcoming Texas Municipal League’s Annual Conference as a moderator for a session called “Neighbor Revitalization,” and said she will shine a light on the city of Orange through those venues.


Pernell said she reaches out to residents of Orange via her email and phone number and welcomes any and all communication on Facebook.

“It’s hard to please everyone, but it’s those moments when people email me to say ‘thank you for what you do’ that keeps me working harder and harder for all,” Pernell said.

“If I could say one thing to the citizens of Orange, it would keep striving to make our city better,” Pernell said. “We live here together and must learn to open our eyes and hearts and respect one another.”