Elections do matter

Published 5:57 pm Saturday, October 13, 2018

By David Covey

In light of the travesty of the Kavanaugh hearings—the character assassination; the utterly uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct when he was a youth; the use of a disruptive mob to hijack the process; the utter disregards for basic common sense and fairness, much less the rule of law—we better understand why the middle class are fired up and why the Republican base will turn out in November to vote.

There are a couple of takeaways from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. First, Kavanaugh will be confirmed and will sit on SCOTUS for decades to come (likely confirmed already when you read this). Second, Republicans will likely lose seats in the House, but a lot less than they would have lost if Democrats had of acted like adults. Next, Republicans will expand their number of seats in the Senate, giving a comfortable cushion. Finally, Republicans will continue to fight the fight with grace, dignity, respect for all human life, and love of God and Country.


Let’s be clear, the Trump voters are still present and thanks to the Democrats displaying their willingness to ruin lives for political gains, Republicans are even more motivated to vote this November than ever before. As a matter of fact, Republicans are mad about the blatant bias and hypocrisy of Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. They don’t put signs in their yards, they don’t answer online polls, and they don’t follow Democrats into restaurants and harass them. Rather, they work hard all day, spend time with family in the evening, watch football on Saturday, and go to church on Sunday to thank God for this great Country and the freedom it provides.

What does this all mean? Take any poll from any state between California and New York and add 4%-6% to the Republican side. Just like in 2016, that makes us the winners. Democrats have lost their convictions, lost touch with reality, and lost their base. Not only will Beto lose his race to Senator Cruz, but all the great down-ballot Republican candidates here in Orange County will also win in November.

This election in November is about sending a clear message that “we the people” are sick of dirty politics. We support border security, tax cuts, law enforcement, and stand against sanctuary cities, government-funded abortions, and slimy politicians smearing Judge Kavanaugh simply for political gain. Republicans may not have been motivated one month ago, but that has all changed post the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearing. Senator Lindsey Graham said what a lot of people were thinking. Moving into the November election, Republicans are engaged, active, and ready to defend our freedoms at the polls. Let’s all go vote again this election cycle and continue to Make America Great!


David Covey is Orange County Republican Chairman