Breaking News: A runaway is somewhere in Orange

Published 6:45 pm Saturday, October 13, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


According to a news report published in October 10 edition of The Orange Leader, there is a runaway in Orange named Mary Gold.  She has been seen recently at various locations about town.

Mary Gold has been spotted at Child’s Hardware, Looking Good Salon and Market Basket grocery.

There is a reward if you find her.  You should keep your eyes and ears open for her.  She could show up anywhere.  If you find her, take a selfie with her and send it to 740-837-7611.  She is disguised as a scarecrow.

If you are the first to submit a selfie with her at a location you will win a prize.  You will also be entered in a drawing to win tickets to see A Christmas Story, The Musical at the Lutcher Theatre.

Good luck on winning and let’s help restore Mary Gold to her rightful place.


Patty was very disappointed

Patty Reynolds was highly disappointed Wednesday.  Patty loves Shangri La Botanical Gardens and rates it among the elite botanical gardens she has visited.

The gardens alone are enough to attract her when she comes through town.  This trip the Scarecrow Festival was going to be an added bonus.

Too bad her trip here was cut short due to Hurricane Michael, which came ashore just close enough to home that she felt she needed to skip the gardens and tend to the potential threat.

But we don’t have to be disappointed.  The weather forecast indicates great weather for a trip to the Scarecrow Festival at Shangri La Botanical Gardens.

Go and enjoy!


Blue waves, red carpets and purple hull peas

It has been a while since there were any contested local races in a general election.

The battle for the past few years has been won or lost in the primary election when political parties choose their candidate for the general election.

Historically, I believe one can safely say the Democrat Party held all the cards.  Candidates for local public office ran on the Democrat ticket, most voters voted in the Democrat Primary and winners were determined in their primary election.

The pendulum has swung in recent years to the Republican Party.

Have voters preferences really changed?

Could it be voters are no longer interested in a blue wave?  Could it be voters now prefer to roll out a red carpet for Republicans?

Regardless of your political preference, I bet you could enjoy a bowl of purple hull peas, sausage, and rice on a cold rainy day.

When can you vote?

Early voting for the General Election commences October 22 and ends November 2 with Election Day set for Tuesday, November 6.

Who is on the ballot?

Republican Theresa Adams Beauchamp defeated incumbent Barry Burton and will represent her party against the Democrat choice Deborah Mitchell.  The winner will be the new County Commissioner for Precinct 2.

Republican Hershel Stagner, Jr. is currently serving as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1.  He will be contested by Democrat Gail Barnett to see who will serve as the judge for the next four years.

Democrat Shirley Layton and Libertarian Bruce Quarles are challenging Republican District 3 State Senator Robert Nichols to determine who will serve for the next four years.

There are a host of other races on the ballot to select the United States Senator and Representative, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and the list goes on. A list of all the candidates on the ballot can be found here:

What else is at stake?

The stakes are big for the West Orange Consolidated Independent School District (WOCCISD).  On the ballot is their $25.75 million bond issue.

If passed the WOCCISD will use the funds to upgrade security on campus, take care of infrastructure needs, establish a new transportation center, upgrade athletic facilities, establish an events center, acquire furniture, equipment, technology, and improvements for the Fine Arts program.

They have a link on their website,, where you can get more information.

What’s already decided?

Robert Viator defeated Jody Crump in the Republican Primary for the right to represent residents of Precinct 4 and will not be opposed November 6.

Likewise, Dean Crooks defeated Stephen Brint Carlton and is currently serving as Interim County Judge on Commissioners Court representing all of Orange County.

Much is left to be decided.

Educate and inform yourself. Then vote.


Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at