Orange Council welcomes the return of ice cream trucks

Published 3:57 pm Wednesday, September 12, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


While the city begins the search for a new city manager, the council approves an ordinance to allow ice cream trucks to operate in the residential areas of the city.

Dr. Shawn Oubre notified the council on Thursday that he was on the shortlist for a city manager position in Woodway. He has since been selected for the position.

Council member Annette Pernell thanked Oubre for his professionalism and wished him luck in his new role.

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. recently asked the staff to reevaluate an old ordinance, which banned ice cream trucks in the city.

“I had a guy approach me and tell me how he could sell ice cream everywhere but in Orange,” Spears said. “This is what inspired me to ask about changing the ordinance.”

Council member Patrick Pullen questioned some of the terms of the ordinance, which passed, and asked for further research.

“What about operating during Park Hours? It could be lighted in the park and five feet away there are dark woods. Is the music against the noise ordinance? We need to be more stringent on the operators and request a criminal history as well as hold their photos for 10 years by the police,” Pullen said as he mentioned just two weeks earlier the council was addressed about human trafficking.

Oubre pointed out it is possible the requests for a criminal background check and the photographs could be a violation of constitutional rights.

“We are not allowed to request a criminal background on those who request a door to door permit,” Oubre said.

The ordinance may face some amending in the future depending on information obtained during further research.

Council also approved the Hotel Motel Occupancy Tax funding, with minor changes from committee suggestions.

Funds for Orange Trade Days was granted to Heritage House. The extra funding will come out of the HOT Tax reserves except for the $5,000 originally set for Orange Trade Days.

“Reserves are for another major tourism event which we are not currently aware of,” Director of Economic Development Jay Trahan said. “It has happened before.”

Council also conducted a public hearing on the proposed 2019 fiscal year budget. No comments were made during the hearing.

The city approved declaring the old Fire Station #3 located at 1705 MacArthur Drive as surplus. Now the city will proceed with the sale or exchange of the property.

Councilmember Paul Burch suggested the property to be donated to the Lions Club for use during the annual carnival.