Keeping Southeast Texans informed during threatening weather events

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Southeast Texas Regional Alerting & Information Network (SE TEXAS R.A.I.N.) is a consolidated list of river and reservoir gaging stations and hydrologic forecasts for the five-county Southeast Texas area. The launch of provides access to user-friendly information and data to help residents throughout Southeast Texas when making necessary and timely decisions during threatening weather conditions.

After the torrential floods brought on by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 our state legislators in the Senate and House committee hearings requested improved public access to critical information during adverse weather conditions. Judges within a local five-county region responded to the call for action by forming a coalition to identify the necessary components that would best serve residents. County Judges from Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton and Orange Counties working together with other area organizations prioritized a list of required information that would assist residents and emergency management personnel.

The formal introduction of SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. was launched earlier this month with State Senator Robert Nichols, State Representative James White and State Representative Dade Phelan in attendance as well as officials and emergency management coordinators from all five participating counties. SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. displays rainfall, streamflow and water levels in major streams, bayous and reservoirs. All this information is compiled from original sources, including the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Weather Service.

“It’s extremely important in emergency situations for people to know what’s going on. This website gives everyone direct access to what’s happening where they live, whether they are there or away from home,” State Senator Robert Nichols said.

SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. provides information collected by the gages in a user-friendly format directly to the public to assist the public in making self-informed decisions during threatening weather conditions. This information is also used by emergency management offices, county governments and local and regional governments to advise the public of rising water conditions in reservoirs, rivers and bayous.

“This regional system will greatly improve public access to critical information and is an important testament of regional coordination in the time of need,” State Representative James White said.

SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. permits users to subscribe and receive alerts by text or email when stream and river gages reach high water levels. This mobile friendly website also provides an address look-up feature to check on available gage water levels and weather conditions closest to your home or business while you are away.

“This website could not have come at a better time for the local communities. I

encourage everyone to stay informed on SE TEXAS R.A.I.N.” State Representative Dade Phelan said.

SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. was developed with the input and assistance of the five-county Judges and their respective emergency management coordinators, the Sabine River Authority of Texas, Lower Neches Valley Authority, USGS and National Weather Service. County emergency management contacts are provided in several locations on the website. Citizens are highly encouraged to coordinate directly with these offices whose primary purpose is to advise the public of rising water conditions and possible flooding situations that may require evacuation. The website also provides citizens access to additional resources including the Texas Water Development Board’s website for what to do before, during and after a flood. Road conditions monitored through the Texas Department of Transportation’s is also accessible.

As a public service, information on SE TEXAS R.A.I.N. will expand as user needs grow. Please send any questions or comments about the website to or contact your local emergency management offices.

Orange County

Judge Dean Crooks

Orange County Emergency Management

Phone: (409) 882-7895