Newton County Sheriff’s Report 9.3.18

Published 11:05 am Tuesday, September 4, 2018

PRESS RELEASE — Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. We stayed bowed up. Let’s see what all went on.

We received a report of a couple of burglaries in the Deweyville area. They stole a 2002 white Crown Victoria at one of the places. He was still driving the car when he was arrested. He is still in jail.

We have two people in jail on the burglary where they stole side by side, four wheeler, pots and pans, sheets off the beds and eats. They said the 4-wheeler, chain saw and weed eater was now stolen from them. Gets crazy in this burglary.

We got a lowboy back to his owner. He didn’t know it had been stolen until we called him. We are still looking for a 20’ black lowboy. Any help would be appreciated.

Received a report of a break-in at Sabine Sands on Friday. Tv, gun, tools, and other items stolen. Got a tip and now the bad guy is in jail. Some of the property recovered. Good job guys.

A friend of Robert Dougharty went to Robert’s house and found him deceased. Judge Ashmore has ordered an autopsy. We are awaiting the result of the autopsy.

We got called out Sunday night to a pedestrian and train accident. Seems a lady was jogging down the railroad tracks at 10:50 p.m. Waiting for autopsy and toxicology results.

Gotta Go: Thought for the week. If you are looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror. Ya’ll have a great week and if we can help, just holler. God Bless.