Talking About Parenting: Assets among our community

Published 11:41 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

By Chris Kovatch


Things are starting to take on a sense of normalcy at our house and we begin to acclimate to our new schedules. A few hiccups have occurred and it has been interesting adjusting to the surprises. Thankfully our friends and family are always willing to step in when a need arises. Let’s just say that I am very much looking forward to when Jackson gets his driver’s license.

This week will wrap up my focus on some of the people that make Orange home for me. I will revisit the topic in coming months, but I feel ready for a change of pace.

My final two Orange residents are both very strong women who have made a big impact in my life.

Our family at the dance studio is amazing. They are a diverse group that brings so much wisdom, love, and care to our studio. One person who I have gotten to know better over the years is Judy Gobert. ‘Ms. Judy’ as I call her is always ready with a smile and a kind word.

Her family is her life and that fact is quite evident in her support of them. I see Ms. Judy as a vital part of the foundation of her family and even in times of great challenge, she is still present, still there supporting those who need her. She so vividly displays the great love that is shared within a family. Her example is one that many of us can learn from.

I also want to talk about someone who is actively working to educate the children in our community in new and innovative ways.

In the same style as one of my favorite teachers Michael Hoke, I see Katie Krantz of Shangri La working to ensure kids are educated and have a love and respect for nature. We all hope that we are passionate about the careers we choose, but when you watch Katie work, it is evident how much she loves what she does. I count myself fortunate that we met and have become friends. She is truly and asset to our community.

I hope everyone takes time to be appreciative of those who are in their lives and that they interact with on a daily basis. Take time to stop and realize the blessings we have. Sure, there are challenges we all face, but I think focusing on the good things can make our lives so much better.