Talking About Parenting: Orange is special, it is home

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

By Chris Kovatch


This week I wanted to continue with my thoughts on what makes Orange home and why I choose to raise my family here. As I shared before, Orange is special to me because of its people. I have been fortunate enough to travel all around the USA and haven’t encountered people friendlier than those in our community.

One person that I can guarantee virtually everyone knows is Butch Campbell.

I got to know Butch during my time in the Lions Club. Butch is one of those people who is inherently a nice and giving person. He is quick to lend his support to community projects and spends a large portion of his personal time bringing his BBQ Pit to different sites to provide food for a variety of events.

He does this in the sweltering summer months, rainy spring time, and during a wide array of weather at carnival time. He not only cares about making our community a better place; he gets up and does something about it. I count myself extremely lucky to call him a friend.

Another group of people that I look forward to seeing is the team over at Burger Town.

I have made a sort of tradition with my kids that every Tuesday evening we go eat there. What I love most about going there is how friendly everyone is. Miss Tammy and the rest of the team is always quick to greet us by name and makes us feel extremely welcome. You can imagine some of the looks I get when I enter a restaurant solo with six kids. I never get anything but smiles when I walk through their doors. This means the world to me.

I know six kids can be challenging for wait staff. I totally understand. For me to feel at home and comfortable with my family means the world to me.

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special. A kind word, smile, or gesture can do the trick.

Through a simple action great impact can be made.

I urge you to start looking for ways to let people you interact with on a daily basis know that you care. You may never know the impact it has on them. It could be the one thing that helps them make it through a day.

I would much rather be the cause of what makes someone’s day great rather than the cause of it being bad.