New ordinance allows uninsured cars to be towed

Published 6:56 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


WEST ORANGE — Police officers in the city of West Orange are now allowed to order the towing and impounding of an uninsured vehicle.

Council unanimously approved the ordinance during the Monday evening meeting.

Police Chief Michael Stelly was asked how this changed the previous ordinance.

“It changed in we did not have an ordinance before,” Stelly said. “Individuals will have to provide proof of insurance before the releasing of the car.”

According to the ordinance no. 439, a fee can be charged for verification of financial responsibility to the owner of the vehicle prior to the stored vehicle being released.

Streets, alleys or other public places are nit intended for storage of vehicles, so any vehicle standing, parked or remaining unattended for 48 continuous hours, will be declared illegally parked. Such vehicles can be declared a nuisance and removed by police until redeemed or disposed of as provided.

The ordnance became effective upon its passage Monday evening.

Newly appointed Alderman Randy Branch was named for appointment to the Orange County Economic Development Board. Branch, who took over Carl Thibiodeaux’s term when Thibiodeaux’s term as Alderman, is replacing Thibdeaux on the board as well.

Council also approved the proposal of .470 ad valorem tax set tax rate.

Two public hearings are scheduled. The first one is set for 5p.m. Monday. Aug. 27