Making Orange County beautiful one trash pick up at a time

Published 12:45 pm Monday, August 13, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh


While going by the name Trashy Ladies, they are anything but.

These ladies have class and spunk.

For years, they have tried reaching out to citizens on the importance of recycling and the destructive nature of littering.

This Saturday, they, along with volunteers throughout Orange, will meet at the corner of Cordrey and 16th Street to spend one hour picking up litter along Cordrey.

It is the beginning of reclaiming Orange by the citizens as they take pride in the town they call home.

It may not appear to be a huge impact but after a few more Second Saturday Trash Offs, residents will notice a difference.

First, those picking up the trash will think twice before just tossing something out the window of the car. They will understand tossing it in the trash now will save them from picking it up later.

Second, those not volunteering their Saturday mornings, will not want to be the first one to toss trash on a newly cleaned area.

When the Trashy Ladies approached me about a year ago and told be how long they had been picking up others trash and how they could not do it alone, I started an experiment.

Every time I had to step outside, I would pick up three pieces of litter. One would be amazed at how much lands in front of our office from the surrounding shopping centers and fast food establishments. I am not blaming the businesses, as they are not the ones throwing food wrappers and shopping bags on the ground.

I also cannot blame residents, as I have not witnessed any throwing litter out the windows. However, let the wind blow and food wrappers, shopping bags, and more show up along Dal Sasso and Ector Drive.

In less than a week of picking up three pieces of litter each time I had to step outside, I noticed a difference.

I also learned I need to carry a kitchen size trash bag in my car to collect the items as I walk to my car.

So one hour, once a month is not much to ask of anyone and will make a huge impact on the appearance of the city.

Kudos to the Trashy Ladies and Keep Orange County Beautiful for teaming up together to make an impact on an issue you find dear to your heart. Kudos for Orange Mayor Larry Spears, Jr. for working together with the two organizations to make a positive impact.

If the mayor can give up a Saturday morning, shouldn’t you be able to as well?


Dawn Burleigh is editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at