Babin visits Orange

Published 11:51 am Monday, August 13, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Congressman Brian Babin with his wife, Roxanne, visits with constituents on Wednesday at Robert’s Steak House.

Babin started off by asking everyone to keep former Orange County Republican Chair Shelia Faske in their prayers. Faske recently suffered injuries in an accident.

“She is very lucky,” Babin said. “ Keep her in your prayers.”

Babin said the country is going in a good direction now.

“Our communities are safer now,” Babin said.

Babin talked about drainage in the area.

“Last year was a terrible year for hurricanes,” Babin said. “I think this was worse the worse district hit by the storm.”

Babin spoke on how Washington DC is trying to rollback programs initiated by the previous administration.

“We have rolled back 22 and saved $80 billion,” Babin said.

During the pervious administration, a navigable stream was redefined which permitted a tire rut to fall under the definition.

“It is killing construction and agriculture,” Babin said.

The Affordable Care Act, which Congress had approved a repeal and replace, was lost in the Senate.

“I am not giving up on this,” Babin said. “As your insurance premiums and your deductibles go up again, I will continue to work on this.”

Babin said a bigger issue the country faces is border security and Immigration.

“No one has helped others like Americans,” Babin said. “I was the only one talking about rogues and terrorists. I proposed we stop allowing those from countries where we could not properly vet. The president issued an executive order almost identical to the one I was saying.”

A district judge stopped the order, according to Babin and was changed.

“We need a law in place because the next president could be Hillary Clinton and open it right back up,” Babin said.

Drugs and human trafficking would be at a standstill if the borders were secured, according to Babin.

“With the Safe Act, also called the Goodlatte Bill, would stop catch and release,” Babin said. “Eighty percent have a bogus reason for sanctuary. We can’t give up on any of these issues.”

Babin also noted the country is at the lowest unemployment in decades and is showing a 4.1-percent growth.

“Elections could have turned out differently,” Babin said. “And it could still happen if we don’t get the vote out in November.”

To reiterate, Babin added his opponent has been to Orange and raised a half million dollars in this district.

“Beto is outraising Cruz,” Babin added. You have got to get the people out to vote.”