Talking about Parenting: What makes Orange home

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

By Chris Kovatch


Several weeks ago, I wrote about why I choose to live in Orange. Too often people are quick to say they would rather be somewhere else. Most have never lived elsewhere and do not have experience to be able to accurately compare two options. Did I like living in Fort Worth? You bet. Do I miss it? Yes, I do. Do I ever regret moving back home? Never. I know that I am home.

I totally understand that some people will leave and never look back, but there are many of us who have chosen to stay. Its our responsibility to make Orange live up to its potential.

I shared previously that my favorite thing about Orange is the people. There is just something about the people here that makes me want to be a better person. That goes for people who live here and those who work here too.

Each week I am blessed to interact with several people in both my work life and my personal life.

I though it might be a good idea to share about a few people who help make Orange home to me.

The first person is someone I interact regularly in my work life. My job is to focus on helping build relationships with customers of my bank and work to bring new clients in as well. Her job is similar but with a much greater impact. Jessica Hill is the Director of the Orange County Economic Development Center. I have known Jessica for many years but have really begun to work closely with her via her Next Generation Orange County initiative. While Jessica’s role is to bring new industry to Orange, it is obviously much more than a job to her. She regularly works long hours and attends after-hour engagements to help make our community a better place. Most recently, I had the pleasure of presenting a city beautification project to the city council of Bridge City with her. Her passion for the area is evident and it is quite clear that her role is not just a job, but also a mission to share what a great area we live in with others.

My next person to focus on is someone that it seems like I have known my entire life.

When we lived ‘in town’ I regularly shopped at Walgreens on 16th Street. Not only was it convenient, but the staff was always so nice to me. They remembered my kids and asked about them if I was shopping solo. One individual there stands out to me. Miss Ruby. I am sure most of Orange knows who I am speaking about. I know I am always guaranteed a hug and easy conversation when I see Miss Ruby. She will always ask about my daughter Rosie to see how she is doing. She shares things that are going on in her life and asks about my brothers to make sure they are well.

It’s people like these two ladies that make Orange my home. It doesn’t take much to be nice or to go the extra mile, but the waves that actions like this can make are nothing short of amazing. I hope that I can be what makes Orange home to someone too.

We are fortunate to be where we are at and its our duty to preserve our town for generations to come.