Helping bring positivity back to Orange

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Orange, Texas is growing and expanding to new projects in the community. Mayor Larry Spears has provided a lot of input in his goals for this great city. The City Council, as well as organizations in the community, are coming together to come up with ideas to enrich the city.

What I personally love is how Tiffany Overstreet and Cornelius Gant as well as other members in the community came together to have City Wide Family Day July 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Navy Park this past weekend.

The occasion brought a lot of families, organizations and businesses in the community together and gave away school supplies, toys, food, drinks, games, face painting etc.

“I donate my time, talents and gifts to al lot of stuff around Orange. I am so glad Family Day was a success,” Overstreet expressed.

I love to see people in the community give back not only in material things, but with their time, dedication and love for others.

Bianca Garrett’s It Takes A Village is a non-profit organization that has made sure families, especially our youth, get what toiletries, clothes, food they may need in the community. This organization has been a great help in the community.

Miguel Nunk Gobert after losing his precious son months ago has been a lending ear and shoulder to families who have lost family members in the community. In spite of the pain he bears daily, he continues to give his services to members who have experienced deaths and still mourning the loss of loved ones.

We appreciate Seth Hancock for always making shirts for families, organizations, businesses in the community as well as Shanell Breaux with her t-shirt line reminding women that are curvy you are beautiful.

I love how our youth are getting involved with such leaders as Teens Making A Difference and the A-TEAM making positive moves in the community. I really applaud these two organizations for being an excellent example for our youth and being great role-models.

I love how I can volunteer my time with my movement Bring Positivity Back. I have seen people motivate people to be and stay positive.

It starts with the head and our Mayor Larry Spears is doing an excellent job of supporting our citizens and making their voices heard.

Orange, Texas I am excited for our future and I am extremely proud of what has taken place thus far. Live. Love. And Pray.


Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite/Owner/CEO of Livol/Owner/CEO of Painter’s Paradise