Spears is known for many things

Published 6:35 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Mayor Larry Spears Jr. is known for many things; being a prominent leader in the community, always helping with community service, helping with non-profit organizations, being a role-model to our youth, being a great husband, an awesome father and an amazing friend to others.

But what people may not know about our awesome Mayor is something that may surprise you. Spears is a people pleaser.

What do you mean? you may ask. Apart from everything he does in the community, what he does for his family and for our children in the community, Spears is very sensitive to the feelings and needs of people.

“It hurts me when I cannot help everyone. If I cannot fulfill someone’s commitment from me I feel horrible,” Spears stated to me. “I want everyone to succeed and I want to make everyone to be happy.”

“When I am able to help someone it really uplifts me and makes my day,” Spears said.

Spears said he could care less about the acknowledgement and people recognizing him as the mayor. He says what makes everything worthwhile for him is making sure he can help everyone succeed in their own way.

Spears is a great supporter of small businesses in the community. I can say personally he has supported my businesses and is always supportive.

He supports people in their non-profit organizations an example is It Takes A Village created by Bianca Garrett.

“Mayor Larry Spears always supports me when I need him. He is the true example of a leader in this community,” Garrett said.

Spears goes and volunteers in our public schools, the churches in the community and volunteers in community clean ups.

“It is my duty to make sure I can lead by example and do what it takes to grow our community in love and humility,” Spears said.

To meet and know a man who has been so influential in the city of Orange and who exemplifies leadership, humility, love and peace is also a man who is also sensitive, emotional and remorseful when it comes to people and their feelings and their goals.

“If I could I would want to make everyone happy and not see anyone complain about anything,” Spears said. “I just want to please everyone but I know the reality is I cannot. It is those moments where I find myself in my own space contemplating what solution I can come up with to make that certain individual is met.”

Mayor Larry Spears not only has the City of Orange in his hands, but he is a man that wants to see EVERYONE succeed and win. This young man is not only our Mayor but is our biggest fan to see all of us achieve our goals as a unit.

I am personally honored to know this man and to have him as my mayor. Mayor Larry Spears, keep up the excellent work in our community and the City of Orange is proud of you and supports you in all of your endeavors for our city. YOU DEFINE HUMILITY IN EVERY WAY, THANK YOU.

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite/Owner/CEO of Livol/Owner/CEO of Painter’s Paradise