Standing behind Justin Askari

Published 7:05 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Justin Askari was driving home from work April 25, 2018 and noticed stiffness in his neck. He thought he could of picked up something wrong or slept wrong and did not think nothing of it.

He let the pain go for almost two weeks and within those weeks he felt other symptoms. He began to have swollen gums, loss of appetite and fatigue. His wife, Elisha S. Askari, kept asking him was he alright.

Justin Askari professed he was hard headed and finally with the push of his wife he went to an Urgent Care in Orange. The doctor did some cat scans of his neck and told Justin it could be three things, tonsillitis, mono, or leukemia.

The doctor expressed he did not think it was leukemia because he said his white blood cell count was good. The doctor diagnosed Justin with mono. They gave him a steroid shot and a penicillin shot. But even with the shots, Justin was still feeling horrible pain.

His wife scheduled another appointment with another doctor. Justin’s temperature was going up and he was in more and more pain. Justin and his wife went to the Port Arthur Medical Center where the doctor did diagnose him with leukemia. The doctor told him he would need a stem cell transplant.

At this very moment, Justin and his wife have prayed, done research, and took special doctor orders in their process of chemo treatments.

“I will continue to keep a smile on my face as I go through this journey. I hope to inspire others that no matter what comes your way keep the faith and know God is in control,” Justin said.

The cancer Justin has is called Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It is a form of leukemia that doctors are still researching to this day.

When I heard of this story my heart went out for this family.

I remember meeting Justin at Du Pont where he trained me for a job. He was funny and warm. He had such a sweet spirit and was very humble.

Then I had the pleasure to meet his wife, Elisha. She was a repeat customer of mine and was very warm and full of energy. This beautiful couple exude humbleness and sincerity and it is a blessing to know them both.

I know with the support of their family, the community and each other they are going to fight this.

“I love my husband very much and I would have never thought this would happen to us. But I know God is in the miracle working business,” Elisha said to me.

Justin Askari the City of Orange, Texas supports you and knows you define strength. Our prayers are with you and your family daily. #JUSTINSTRONG!

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite/ Owner/CEO of Livol/ Owner/CEO of Painter’s Paradise