BC Planning and Zoning approve zone changes

Published 3:02 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader


Bridge City Planning and Zoning Commission met on Monday to discuss several recommendations for zone changes as well as the final plat for Marsh Estates for 39 new homes to be built along with two rainwater retention ponds.

Approved was a zone change from R-1 single family residential to R-3 multi-family residential on two pieces of property owned by Chad Landry located at 158 Granger, further described as Lot 12 Block 1 Granger, and 160 Granger, further described as lot 11 Block 1 Granger so that Landry can build duplexes on the property.

Approved was changing all lots from the C-3 Third Commercial District off of Texas Avenue to the existing R-3 multi-family residential on the right side of Granger Street to R-3 multi-family residential including 140 Granger, further described as Lots 8-10 Granger, 170 Granger, further described as Lot 13 Granger, 180 Granger, further described as Lot 14 Block 1 Granger, and 190 Granger, further described as Lots 15 and 16 Granger.

City Manager Jerry Jones remarked any where previous construction had been completed along Granger “really improved the area.”

Also approved was the final plat of Marsh Estates, Lots 1-41, a subdivision which is located in the city limits of Bridge City off West Roundbunch Road.

The property is described as consisting of a 15.51 acre tract of land out of the Samuel Davis Survey, abstract number 6 Orange County, Texas and being that same 15.51 acre tract conveyed to Brooks R. Bonin by deed in Orange County Clerk file number 422574.

Jones said the Orange County drainage district approved the final plat as has all other agencies associated with the project.

In other business, Jones updated the commission saying his office is continuing to seek grant money from FEMA to assist the city with Hurricane Harvey mitigation.

Jones said so far 25 to 30 of their project grant requests have been approved and he expects the trend to hold steady as he continues to work with FEMA.