‘Trashy Ladies’ need to advise folks in California

Published 7:22 am Saturday, June 23, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


On the ‘Left Coast’, voters will decide whether the state of California can break apart to form three states.

California won’t go anywhere. It will still be connected to Washington, Nevada and Arizona. But state boundaries could be redrawn resulting in three states where one now exists. If passed California could become CalNorth, CalSouth and CalWest.

What is the idea behind this move?

First of all, I don’t believe California will ever break up. Even if the initiative passes, execution of a plan will fall apart.

The impetus behind the move is the need to decentralize power, to move decision making closer to home, to give locals more control over local decision-making and local action.

The power brokers won’t let this happen. Their power depends on the status quo.

The “Trashy Ladies” understand the idea of local control and local action.

The problem some Californians have, at least those proposing and supporting the break up, is population centers have too much control. Power is centralized where overwhelming numbers of voters prevail in elections to achieve their selfish goals.

California goes the way of population centers like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Why, you ask?

Voters tend to vote for folks who will benefit them most.

Voters tend to band together in groupthink. Groupthink has its beneficial qualities. But in California, as in other states, the ‘city’ boy’s groupthink doesn’t always jive with the ‘country’ boy’s groupthink

Since the city boys have more votes, they win. But, the country boys want their way as well.

Hence the plan to break up the state.

Lump all the city boys in one state and the country boys in another state and now everybody can have their way and be happy.

The ‘Trashy Ladies’ understand this concept.

Several representatives of their group converged on Editor Dawn Burleigh at The Orange Leader office several months ago.

Their purpose was to persuade Dawn to aid them in their effort to inform locals of the importance of trash.

They are adamant about the importance of trash finding its way to a trash can, then into a trash truck and finally into a landfill.

They are adamantly opposed to tossing trash out of vehicle windows on city streets.

What do they have to offer residents of California?

These ladies have united themselves for a stated purpose seeking to impact their local community. They know the importance of ‘local control’.

They have formed themselves into a local beautification committee. They have taken personal action and given of their time and talents to pursue their goal.

They realize the local benefits when they impact the local community to take individual responsibility to keep Orange County litter free.

They seek the help of local news media and local government to accomplish their goal.

They educate and inform.

No one commissioned this committee. But they are effective.

Not as effective as they want to be.

But, I hope they never give up.

They should go to California and encourage the locals to never give up either.

We could all learn from the ‘Trashy Ladies’.

Do you see a problem?

You can either complain or act. You can expect someone else to find a solution or you can be the solution.

You can become the committee chairman overseeing your effort and recruit others to aid you. You can inform government officials of issues you see they can remedy. Or, you and your committee can do the honors.

Breaking up California into multiple states and keeping Orange County litter really have nothing to do with one another but each illustrates the relevant importance of local folks doing for their local community for the mutual benefit of all.

Your local councilperson or county commissioner will be grateful if you take initiative aiding them in their desire to promote and enhance life here at home.

Forget Washington D.C. and Houston and let’s do this ourselves.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.