Update: Orange County remains under Flash Flood Watch

Published 9:24 am Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Flash Flood warning has been extended to 1:15 p.m.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office:

Running List of flooded areas: ( At this time 12:10 p.m.)

Bell Ave. – B. C.
Turner Road off FM 1442 & FM 1442 @ 105 in Orange Under Water
Hillcrest – B.C.
Texas Ave. @ Roundbunch under water- B.C.
Bessie Heights- B.C.
Tyler Estates- B.C. Flooded entrance
Michelle Ave.- Vidor
Claiborne- Vidor
N. Linscombe off Hwy 12- Vidor underwater
Mansfield in Vidor there is a tree over the roadway
OIlla- Orange Under Water
BLK Orange Street- Vidor Underwater
Lexington- Vidor water over roadway
Parkview Subdivision – Vidor Roadways area flooded
Moose Ln.- Orange water over road
Service Road near truck stop in Rose City Underwater
Rose City Under Passes Taking in Water
Strong Road of Cajun Way- Orange Field
East Tram N. Side west of Nolan Water over roadway
S. Lakeside street Road Flooded

Texas Ave @ Roundbunch in Bridge City is now passable in the middle.


By Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader
Flash flooding possible in SE Texas today. A flash flood warning is in effect until 11 a.m. for Orange and Jefferson counties as well as eastern Cameron Parish. Flash flood watch in effect until 6 p.m. this evening for the same general area, according to Lake Charles National Weather Center.
Rain overnight totals have been between four to eight inches with another two-four inches expected by this afternoon, according to Warning Coordination Meteorologist National Weather Service Roger Erickson.
“Areas could see 12 inches of rain if you add what we have already had with what we are still expecting,” Erickson said.
In a press release from Orangefield Water Supply Corp., it is asking residents to use water sparingly.
“Due to the heavy rains, we are experiencing sewer issues in all areas. Please use water sparingly. Our staff has been working and will continue to work until the problems are resolved.”