Pinehurst pride at work

Published 11:35 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader

PINEHURST — City Administrator Robbie Hood provided an update during the Tuesday evening city council meeting regarding updates and future plans for West Park.

“We have completed the fifth of a mile dirt track and I can tell you it’s nice,” said Hood. “I walk it myself.”

Hood described how railings on bridges have been completed as well as one of two horseshoe pitching stations. Several barbeque pits and a swing set donated by the Kiwanis club are in place. Wooden picnic tables are available and he hopes to upgrade in the near future to metal ones to better withstand the weather.

Looking to the future, Hood described plans for a volleyball area and construction of a wheelchair accessible swing set and perhaps a pavilion as well. In addition to improvements at West Park, Hood said future plans for the city include construction of a dog park in the vacant lot at Park Avenue and 33rd Street.

The city is looking for grant money and perhaps donations to help the city enhance public use spaces.

In other business, Hood said the new Burger King restaurant on Mac Arthur Boulevard is set to open during the week of June 18.

“Burger King is a great addition to the area and they are doing a great job. We are also visiting with developers that hopefully will also invest in building businesses around Burger King,” Hood said.

Hood also reminded the council he is emphasizing to citizens the need to understand and comply with Republic trash service pick up requirements and schedule.

“Please don’t put items on top of the poly-carts for the regular Tuesday trash pickup,” Hood said. “Items fall off and get blown around and make a mess of things.”

Bulky items should be placed curbside for pick up on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Hood explained, “You can clean out your entire garage and put it curbside for the second and fourth Wednesday pick up if you want. There’s no need to call the city to schedule. We just ask you put the bulky items out front the day before, instead of a week or more before pick up.”

Hood went on to detail that every third week of the month Pinehurst drives through the city and picks up vegetation debris such as tree limbs and such.

“Every week something is being picked up in the city of Pinehurst,” Hood said.