Bridge City residents give comment on zone changes

Published 10:58 am Monday, June 11, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader


BRIDGE CITY — Bridge City Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council held a joint public hearing on Tuesday to consider public comments on proposed zone changes located on Granger Street and along Texas Avenue at Granger Street.

The first proposal affects two pieces of property owned by Chad Landry located at 158 and 160 Granger Street described as Lot 12 Block 1 Granger and Lot 11 Block 1 Granger respectively. Landry requests a zone change from R-1 Single Family Residential designation to R-3 Multi-family residential so that he can build duplexes on those two lots.

The second proposal under consideration is changing all the lots off of Texas Avenue on the right side of Granger Street from C-3 Third Commercial District to R-3 Multi-family residential affecting 140, 170, 180, and 190 Granger Street described as Lot 8 through 10, Lot 13, Lot 14 Block 1 Granger, and Lots 15 and 16 Granger.

Eleven letters were sent to citizens in the area with one verbal “yes” response and two written “no” responses.

A male citizen addressed the commission and council saying he approves of the zoning changes “provided there is no government housing” being built.

He said, “Government housing promotes failure.”

City Manager Jerry Jones said the lots along Texas Avenue are too small for apartment buildings or anything larger than a duplex structure.