Life is not obliged to be sunshine and rainbows

Published 7:12 am Saturday, June 2, 2018

By Michael Cole

So, I was sifting through my email the other day and had some feedback from a column that I had written recently. The one about the right to fail.

It read:

I am offended that you would disparage the idea of inclusiveness in such a manner. These participation trophies help the self-esteem of people who otherwise would not receive recognition.

 My first thought was, to correct her punctuation and spelling (in case you are wondering, I did for this article).

My second thought was, you are offended.

So what?

When did being offended become such a big deal? I am offended at every Quarterback the Houston Texans pick, because I know that we are not going to make the playoffs. By week three or four, I am offended by Notre Dame, because I know that we are not going to the bowl championship.

That gets me nowhere.

But we hear it on a daily basis. In either the news, on Facebook, or Twitter. Even in person. Someone is always offended about something.

That’s life. Get over it.

Unfortunately, we will not always get what we want. That is why I am not in Congress right now. But I am not offended I did not get more votes than my opponent.

In life, we will have people that insult us. We will have people that do things that we do not like. People will lie to us. They will do things that tap dance on every nerve from the first to the last then loan us a few to tap dance some more.

That is life. And life is not obliged to be sunshine and rainbows.

There will be times that life knocks us for a loop. It will kick us while we are down. It will keep kicking us. People will do and say things that will make us question our faith in humanity.

We will be offended, humiliated, and angered.

But unfortunately, none of that is grounds for another person to care.

Our feelings may count to ourselves and to our friends and loved ones, but to the world at large, really it does not.

That sounds strange, but that is what makes Western Democracy so great.

The fact that I can offend you, or you can offend me without repercussion is the cornerstone of our nation. The fact that I can stand in a room, or write for the whole world to see, something that will inflame, insult, and offend.

It makes us think.

So when you read something, or hear something, and find yourself reaching for the kleenex because you are going to shed some tears, ask yourself why.

Why are you hurt? Why are you offended?

Are you offended because the truth hurts?

If so, maybe you should modify your thinking.

Are you offended because the person is toxic?

Why are you listening to them?

Being offended is a state of mind. You have not been robbed, accosted, attacked, or harmed in any way. You chose to allow yourself to become offended.

So my response to the lady that sent me the email:

It is too bad you are offended, I have a circular file that I will file it in.