Curvee Couture embraces full figures

Published 10:29 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

By Mary Ekene


Bold, different, a risk taker; these are all of the qualities that describe Shanell Breaux-Wiley.

Shanell Breaux- Wiley is from Orange, Texas and is married with four children. She says growing up she always knew she had a gift with crafts and clothes.

“I have procrastinated with thoughts and ideas in my life, so it hindered me from doing the possible.”

Shanell Breaux-Wiley said she has ALWAYS been a “full figured” woman but being married has really tacked on extra weight, she expressed to me in an interview.

“I have struggled with my insecurities and being heavy,” Breaux-Wiley said. “It was until one day I decided to stop beating myself up and embrace all of me.”

One night Breaux- Wiley expressed that God gave her the vision to start a T-shirt line for women like herself.

“As I accepted this vision, is when my brain went into overload,” Breaux- Wiley shared with me.

Shanell Breaux-Wiley started coming up with all kinds of ideas for women like her to embrace their bodies and be confident with who they are.

On April 21, 2018, she announced the launch of her new t-shirt line CURVEE COUTURE and her website

Her motto: Where Fashion is a state of mind and not a size; supports her acknowledgement of women from all sizes.

“The support and feedback from my community and online shoppers have been amazing. I truly thank everyone for standing beside me.” Breaux-Wiley said.

Shanell Breaux-Wiley you are an example for women everywhere. Orange, TX is very proud of you and keep up the fantastic work. You are an inspiration to so many women, we love you!


Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite/ Owner/CEO of Livol/ Owner/CEO of Painter’s Paradise