Acadian Ambulance Honors Southeast Texas Regional Paramedic and EMT of the Year

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

To The Leader

Each year, Acadian Ambulance Texas recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care.

Manassas, Virginia, native Sarah-Jane Hailey was selected as the Southeast Texas Regional Paramedic of the Year, and was a finalist for the overall Texas honor. The region spans Hardin, Jefferson, Orange, Chambers, Tyler, Jasper, Newton and Angelina counties. Hailey has been with Acadian Ambulance for almost two years.

Hailey became an EMT in 2013 and earned her paramedic certification in 2015. Her peers note that she maintains her composure even during the most critical calls. Following Hurricane Harvey, she often waded through floodwaters to facilitate patient care and transports. She is known for her patience and ability to be a team player, and new employees often request to work with her.

“Sarah-Jane regularly demonstrates a level of clinical excellence and commitment to safety that is a model of what Acadian looks for in a paramedic. She is currently enrolled in college courses, but she remains a strong team player, picking up extra shifts when needed,” said her operations manager, Jon Clingaman.

Visalia, California, native Aidan Friesz was selected as the Southeast Texas Regional EMT of the Year, and was a finalist for the overall Texas honor. Friesz has been with Acadian Ambulance for almost two years.

Friesz works in Port Arthur and recently completed the paramedic program through the National EMS Academy. He frequently receives positive feedback on his performance from local firefighters and allied health professionals with whom he interacts regularly.

“Aidan is known for his many contributions to our team and making certain that his customers’ needs are met. He often goes back to the hospital to check on his patients. You will not find a more caring and compassionate person,” said Clingaman.

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