Kissin’ Kuzzins: Rebelling against my daughters

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, May 9, 2018

By Dickie Dixon

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“Rebelling” against my daughters:  On May 9, 2012—almost four months after my wife passed away—I rebelled against my daughters and flew to Paris, France and the Loire Valley for eighteen days.  My wife had died on January 12th in my living room of congestive heart failure before 911 could get there, and my two beautiful, sweet daughters unintentionally were smothering me.  A couple of times a day they called to check on me and see how I was doing. The other phenomenon impinging on me was the unexpected:  Many do not read the obituaries in the newspaper.  For months afterward, friends and acquaintances would express their sympathy.  Of course, I did not need to be reminded that she was gone.

So, I ran away from home, deciding that, whether my daughters liked it or not, by gosh, I was going to France.  For three publications in the past I had written a bed and breakfast article called “Bed and Breakfasts I Have Known”; so, I booked my lodging primarily in those.  I did not go with a group, and I let Marti Chalker at Holiday Travel book my trip for me.  After flying I think it was 2500 air miles overnight to Paris, I arrived at my hotel; the next day a van came and picked me up to go with the others to Monet’s Gardens and Versailles.  The next day I went to the Louvre.

On Saturday the 12th, I picked up my rental car and drove to Orleans, where my car was stolen after being on the street only four hours.

I left for Varennes-sur-loire to stay in a 16th century manor I had rented, after missing my stay in a b & b on the Cher River.  Next I stayed near Saumur and Fontvraud (where the remains of Eleanor of Aquitaine are interred), then it was to Angiers and Chartres.

Remember I was utterly alone; I had gone by myself.  The caveat I am sending is simply this:  Don’t ever rebel against your daughters, especially if they love you.  Being alone, from a grief point of view, was therapeutic:  I realized how empty my life would be without my daughters.  So I “repented” of my “rebellion”, called them, and told them I loved them.  Just wanted the readers to know how my life was, when I was “rebelling” against my daughters.

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