Gobert gives while heart aching for his loss

Published 12:42 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2018

By Mary Ekene

There are merely no words to express the feelings of losing a child. You watch the news, read the newspapers, read the Internet only to say, “Wow, I feel for those families.” But when it happens to you, honestly what do you do?

What can someone possibly say to heal your heart of the pain that you are going through? You do not want to speak to anyone, you want to be distant and be in your own secluded space. You pray and seriously ask God, why has this happened to you. You ask yourself, “Who is going to be my strength?” “Who is going to be here for me?”

Not everyone can function during the loss of a child, but I know someone, that in spite of his pain and remorse, was still there for others and a positive influence in the community.

Miguel Nunk Gobert, of Orange, and is a conductor at BNSF Railway for 11 years. He has two more children, Miguel M. Gobert II, 21 and Meaira Gobert, 9.

When he first heard about the death of his son, like any parent he wish it was not true.

“Words cannot come close to expressing this pain. I miss my son deeply. Some days I can take it and remain strong. Other days it breaks me,” Gobert stated to me.

With the support of his friends and family, Gobert takes each day one day at a time.

“I am so grateful to Jehovah God for my wonderful son Miguel Gobert II and my daughter Meaira Gobert. They miss their brother but with the strength from our God Jehovah and the many prayers and support we are receiving, we will be ok. The resurrection hope is a reason to keep my faith strong; I know I will see my son Mikey again,” Gobert expressed.

In spite of just losing his son, Miguel Nunk Gobert still gives back to the community by supporting families who go through similar hard times. He continues to be positive and his attitude exemplifies love and affection. His parents Miguel and Judy Gobert are the ones who molded him to be the man he is.

“My dad has always worked hard; I would not have been the father I am without him. My mother is the most compassionate human being and expresses love to everyone she encounters. I would be nothing without her guidance and support. Anyone who knew Mike knew he would want me to live life and be ok. I know my son loved me/us. I do know I want to be a rock for my family and friends,” Gobert concluded after speaking to me.

To meet a man so strong yet vulnerable, so giving yet hurting, is enough in itself. He continues to give of himself to others with everything he is going through and for that Mr. Gobert we appreciate you and will continue to pray for you and your family always. May God continue to cover you and lead you. Always from the City of Orange we love you and LONGLIVEMIKEG!

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite, Owner/ CEO of Livol Liver Cleanse