Harvey may affect Vidor budget for next fiscal year

Published 8:26 am Saturday, April 28, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader


“Talk of property value reductions, property tax rate hike, cutting city services, or reducing personnel because of the impact of Hurricane Harvey is simply preliminary at this point,” said City Manager Mike Kunst during the city council meeting held Thursday evening.

“There is a lot of work to do but we want to get this out to the public early on,” Kunst said.

Council member Gary Herrera said, “We have tightened our belts before,” Council member Gary Herrera said. “We can do it again to get through this.”

Kunst replied the potential shortfall in funds required to effectively run the city is a “short term” condition.

“In one to two years from now it will be better,” Kunst said.

Mayor Robert Viator said, “We will hold a town hall budget meeting to inform the public of constraints we are facing and possibilities for successfully managing the potential financial constriction.”

Herrera remarked, “We need to inform the public and be as transparent as possible on this.”

A statement agreed to by other council members.

In other business, at the upcoming May 10 city council meeting, new city council members will be sworn in, pictures taken of the council and council officers such as mayor pro-tem and council treasurer will be elected.

Vidor Chamber of Commerce confirmed their board is now fully staffed and officers have been elected. The Chamber is working on restructuring their by-laws to include a provision for holding meetings open to the public, instead of always being closed meetings.