Pinehurst is open for business

Published 9:45 am Monday, April 23, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


PINEHURST — A small town with a huge presence is seeing new growth and has plans to continue growing while reminding others beautiful downtown Pinehurst is here.

While most residents are watching as construction of Burger King is underway, it is not the only company looking to call Pinehurst home.

The location of the home of the Whopper is an area, which had been green until now which means it will increase the revenue for the city with increase property tax generated as well as sales tax revenue.

“I expect to see them working on the building next week,” Code Enforcement Officer Harry Vine said. “I am predicting it will be open fir business by the end of June. The people constructing it are very well organized. We are looking forward to a great partnership with the city [and Burger King].”

A new restaurant offering Cajun and Seafood is also in the planning stages.

“A couple from Louisiana is negotiating and will possible open a Cajun and Seafood restaurant at the old Casa Belle location on West Park.” Vine said. “It could be open by end of or middle of May.”

Pinehurst City Administrator Robbie Hood and Vine want more businesses to call Pinehurst home.

“Our city administrator and I are working diligently to bring more retails businesses to Pinehurst,” Vine said.

“The city of Pinehurst understands community development and maintaining viable neighborhoods while being progressive in retail growth,” Hood said. “City staff understands maintaining small town charm with a progressive attitude.”

Meetings are planned to meet with Phelan Investments for potential development in conjunction with the location of the new HEB on MacArthur as well as additional retail development in the ‘Conn’s shopping center’.

‘In a Chapter 380 agreement Pinehurst and HEB entered into approximately a year and a half ago to reallocate sales tax back to HEB for improvement costs they are incurring such as water lines, drainage improvements, fire suppression system and a traffic signal at Henrietta and MacArthur,” Hood said.

The agreement allows for a time frame to have the store open for the public in order for the 380 agreement to be executed, according to Hood.

“They have until December 31, 2021 to have the store open for business for the agreement to go into effect,” Hood said. “Nothing in the agreement says they have to have the build the store but there is a clause that the city has to be notified in writing if they are not going to open the store.”

The city manager and city attorney have not been notified at this time.

“City staff understands the effect Harvey has had on the entire area. HEB was not immune,” Hood said. “Houston and Harris County were devastated just like Orange County. One place in particular was Kingwood where they had just opened a Super HEB and had to redo the entire store.”

The destruction of the historic rainfall associated with the storm may delay the original plans but the store is still coming.

“The time line changed due to Harvey,” Hood said.

Vine added the company brought in truckloads of supplies after the storm to support employees and the community.

“Its the kind of neighbors we want – committed to community,” Hood said.

“They are good partners to the community and the city of Pinehurst.”

“Pride in community goes far beyond City Hall,” Hood said. “I see it in the city staff, Public Works, Police, Fire Department on how we embrace our community and provide first class customer service. So come work, live and play in Pinehurst. We are open for business.”