Pay your taxes and stop complaining

Published 6:45 pm Saturday, April 14, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


You have no right to complain about paying taxes. You allowed it, so be quiet and pay it.

That is right, if you don’t like the taxes you pay then you have no one to blame but yourself.

It all started with the Boston Tea Party when the colonists expressed their objection to being taxed without a voice in how they are governed.

But you did not learn from them.

United States President Donald J. Trump just signed a tax and spend omnibus bill, which is the patchwork of legislation dictating the way our federal government will spend the hard earned money they confiscate from you day by day.

He had no idea what he signed except the price tag was ‘ginormous’ (which means really, big). But he isn’t alone. None of the folks who crafted the ‘omnibus’, brought it up for a vote, voted in favor of or signed it into law know what is in it either.

You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing your elected representatives to act on your behalf so irresponsibly.

But can we really hold them to a higher standard? Let’s take a look at how we pay taxes.

When you got your first paycheck you accepted the take home pay of $80.27. Your employer said you would be paid $100. Why did you accept less? When you bought your first tank of gasoline for $2 per gallon did you demand to know how much of the total was gasoline and how much was taxes?

Who authorizes the taxes you pay when you buy a gallon of gasoline? If you wanted to contest the rates, whom would you speak to?

Who decided it was legal to withdraw money from your paycheck before you get it?

Hmmm, are we as clueless as federal politicians?

They passed the ‘ginormous’ federal budget and they force your employer to send them part of your paycheck before you get it.

At least when you buy laundry detergent at ‘the store’, you get a receipt detailing the taxes. The total is $6.25 for the soap and $0.53 for taxes for a total due of $6.78.

Taxpayers spoke resoundingly in December when asked to set up a new taxing entity in the form of a hospital district.

The answer was NO!

I wonder if we should be as resolute about sales tax and gasoline tax? I wonder if we should revolt against a federal government, which confiscates a portion of our paycheck before we see it and then willy-nilly pass spending bills without any idea what they voted for?

We did not learn anything from the colonists who held the Boston Tea Party.

Do you know who is your city councilperson? Do you know who is your county commissioner?

Do you think it would be a good idea to know who sets the tax rates you pay at ‘the store’ and ‘the pump’?

We should all know who sets the tax rates we pay. We should all know who spends the taxes we pay. We should be able to talk to them and let them know our opinion.

Taxes are complicated. Most of us enjoy the benefits of the services provided by the taxes we pay.

But, I believe much would change if we waited until the end of the year and wrote one check and brought it to our city councilperson to satisfy our share owed.

How much would the total be?

What would the total be for your taxes owed for purchases at the store and at the pump? Then add in your annual property tax and income tax.

Would it scare you to write that check and bring it to Council Member Pullen, Childs, Salter, Pernell, Mello or Spears?

Like I said, pay your taxes and stop complaining. Instead ask questions and demand changes.

We are far too comfortable with the tax status quo.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at