Motivating the village to build the community

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By Mary Ekene

I have met a lot of people who say things are great, but very few who put action behind it. Bianca Garrett is an exception.

From a mother of two, a wife, a volunteer in the community and a role model for young girls, she always makes sure her actions backs up what she says.

I met this young lady a year ago and when you speak with her you can tell she is passionate about the people in her community and the children in her community as well.

She is disciplined in her own right when it comes to standing in what she believes in and makes full aware that is must “take a village” to build a great community.

A village is defined as a self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features characteristic of village life.

Her non-profit organization “We Believe It Takes A Village” was inspired from a time that some call the good old days, according to Garrett.

“Back in the day communities, schools, and numerous leaders worked together to make sure everyone had everything they needed and made sure no child misbehaved while out of their parents view. If these things happened, they would step in and help or correct the child’s behavior,” Garrett stated.

Garrett started with a dress she donated to a senior in need and took it from there. Shortly after she began collecting school supplies, clothing, food, and raised money to help with funerals in the community.

She has helped with other organizations such a Make It Happen and volunteered with other groups in the community. She wanted people to know that her organization is here to help builds up the community.

“There is no reason for any family or individual to go without anything when we have thousands of people that can come together to get what is needed,” Garrett said. “The main focus of my organization this year is to build personal relationships with the children in school as well as staff members.”

Garrett believes every person in the village needs support which includes the teachers, all faculty members, mentors, bus drivers, pastors, businesses etc.

As of February “We Believe It Takes A Village” is registered as a non-profit organization with a 501 (3) C in process. Garrett looks forward to building and making a strong village starting here in Orange with the help of our citizens.

Her husband is Charles Garrett and her daughters are T’ Era Garrett, 13 and Charlsi Garrett, 6.

I truly am proud of Bianca Garret because she is someone who is very active in her community and does not do it for show or recognition. She simply does what she does because she genuinely cares. Bianca Garrett, Orange is proud of you and keeps up the fantastic work!

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner/CEO of Livol Liver Cleanse