Cheers and Jeers returns

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

Your newspaper has made several changes over the last few years.

One column, which appeared on the Friday Opinion page, was the Cheers and Jeers column.

We have had several discussions on when it should run, and who would be in charge of it. In the end, it just faded away.

Well, after recent discussions, Cheers and Jeers will return with a twist, so to say.

Many times I have been told about something someone saw and either wanted to give kudos to a person or point out an issue for which they were seeking a solution.

We are turning this over to you, our readers.

We will publish Cheers and Jeers of photographs sent in by you.

When submitting the pictures, give us a sentence or two of why you are cheering or jeering the picture. The pictures will include ‘Photo courtesy of’ so please let us know if you want credit for taking and submitting the picture or if you would prefer it to read ‘Courtesy photo’

There are so many positive actions happening in Orange, we actually expect more Cheers than Jeers. We also understand there are areas, issues and such which citizens want others to be made aware.

Our hope is the new addition to the Opinion page will eliminate the editorial cartoon entirely, thus making the Opinion page entirely local.

Columnist such as Mary Ekene, Chris Kovatch, and Michael Cole are regulars each week. West Orange Cove Consolidated ISD Superintendent Dr. Rickie Harris appears twice a month, while Senator Robert Nichols gives his ‘Five Cents’ once a month.

When Legislation is in session, Nichols provides a weekly column.

Congressman Brian Babin and State Representative Dade Phelan also submit columns when they feel them need to provide further information to their constituents.

With increasing ‘Letters to the Editor’, the Opinion page is your place to voice your opinion and is the opinion of your neighbors.

To submit a picture for Cheers and Jeers, email it to

Please put Cheers and Jeers in the subject line. In the body of the email, state if it is a Cheer or Jeer, why you are cheering or jeering and your name.

Dawn Burleigh is editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at