Vidor PD warns of scam

Published 4:07 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2018

PRESS RELEASE — The Vidor Police Department has been notified of a scam that is active in Southeast Texas. A business received a call from a number identifying the caller ID as “Entergy”. The caller identified himself as an employee of Entergy. He advised the business owner that their Entergy utility bill was past due and required immediate payment to avoid termination of service. The caller told the business owner that they needed to go to Walgreen’s immediately and purchase a “Money Pack Card” and place $500.00 dollars on it. The business was then supposed to call a designated number with the “Money Pack” identification number or their electricity would be shut off. The imposter Entergy employee was able to give past amounts of previous bills.

The business owner did not fall for the scam and challenged the caller. At which time the caller hung up.

 Entergy is a professional organization, they will not require payment utilizing a “Money Pack Card” over the phone. All customers of Entergy should be made aware of this scam.