To develop our level of faithfulness

Published 7:34 am Saturday, March 31, 2018

By Demetrius Moffett

When we talk about being faithful we normally look to attach this to others. What are we faithful to? Who are we faithful to? Is our faith “full?” Are we full of faith? These are questions that many of us never really take a look at.

Our faithful or faithfulness is an action words which determines the capacity of what we are able to receive. We see in the scripture that three people were given an assignment to handle, which belonged to someone else. Most times we focus on the statement “you have been faithful over a little, I’ll make you ruler over much.”

Question, why were each person given a different amount in the beginning? God knows what we can handle before He gives us something to handle. There are certain things in our life that God gives to each of us that help to develop our level of faithfulness.

Should we expect to be granted the opportunity to move into a new house when we are not faithful with keeping our efficiency clean? Should we expect to drive a new vehicle when we are not faithful blessing others for giving us a ride? Should we expect to receive financial freedom when we are not faithful in obeying the laws of tithes, offering and stewardship?

It is the action of our faithfulness over that which we take for granted that opens the hand of our Lord and savior that enlarges our territory. If we serve a God of abundance who is willing, able and desiring to bless us more than we want to be blessed why do we experience lack? Check our level of faithfulness of what God has allowed for us to have. God never allows more on us than what we can bare or handle.

God is gracious enough to allow for us to repeat it until we get it right and if we chose to leave school because we have to keep repeating a certain class, it’s not because we failed, it’s because we don’t want to be faithful. Our faithfulness will breed determination, commitment and capacity to allow for us to graduate receiving greater gifts and greater challenges. Faithfulness will also breed a deeper level of trust.

The action of our faithfulness will cause people to believe in us when we may not believe in ourselves. Our faithfulness will cause a person to be an organ donor, giving their heart to you, love honor and cherish. Do you desire better, check your faithfulness. Do you desire a companion, check your faithfulness. Do you desire a better job, check you faithfulness. Do you desire to name it and claim it, call it and haul it, tag it and bag it, check your faithfulness?

Most of us ask God for more than what we have. We can name, call and tag all we would like. If we are not faithful over that which has been given to us, our faithful is really faith – less.