Payne’s Pantry: At the Codfish Ball

Published 11:13 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

By Anne Payne

The Orange Leader


Quick on the outside grill or inside are pieces of Codfish, along with skewers of sliced purple onions, green and red bell peppers, whole mushrooms, along with some yellow squash.  What a healthy combination!



Inside or outside grill

Wooden skewers


Vegetable cooking spray


Ingredients: (Quantity depends on how many people served)


Filleted fresh fish (I used cod)

Purple onion, sliced big chunks

Green bell pepper, sliced chunks

Red bell pepper, sliced chunks

Yellow squash, thick and round

Whole fresh mushrooms

Sea salt and pepper to taste


Olive oil (I use EVOO)


Spray the grill with vegetable cooking spray.  Turn heat on med. to med. high.  Place fish on grill.  Salt and pepper ad desired.  Place dabs of butter on fish.  Slide cut pieces of veggies and whole mushrooms on skewers.  Place on grill and salt and pepper.  Drizzle olive oil over veggies.  Watch grill ad all cooks.  Turn all over with tongs and reapply salt, pepper, butter, and olive oil until cooked.  You are now ready to serve “healthy.”