Kissin’ Kuzzins: My first furniture purchase

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kissin’ Kuzzins: My first furniture purchase 

By Dickie Dixon

Belated Birthdays March 23rd:  Natalie Guillory Martin

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Milestones Argie Nell (McCarty) Treadwell was born on March 29, 1925, the daughter of Luther Alan and Maxie Lee (Shaw) McCarty. Charlie Font was born April 5, 1904 and died July 10, 1977.

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Save the Date (1) John Langston, of Mount Enterprise, will discuss brick collecting, when he speaks to the Deep East Texas Archeological Society at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 2, 2018 at the Iris and Anne Howard Civic Center on 213 East Court Street in Newton, Texas.  For more information, call Pam Wright at (409) 379-2109, Klaus Gehr at (337) 329-3829, or Dickie Dixon at (936) 240-8378.  The public can email Pam at Klaus at or Dickie at

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My first furniture purchase When I was twelve, I went with my father to buy some used furniture from a man named Jim Walker and his wife who lived on North First Street in front of what was then Central Ward School (now the site of the Pitser Garrison Civic Center).  Two years earlier, my father had opened his own furniture store, Dixon Furniture Company, at the intersection of Laurel and Atkinson in Lufkin, Texas.  I don’t recall all they offered to sell my father, but I have a visual reminder of one thing they offered:  an oak rocker with splined-in cane sides.  They only wanted $12.50 for it, and my father was not going to buy it; so I asked him if he would loan me the money, which he did, and I bought it.  And so began the first indication I have a rocker fetish.  After my wife died, I wrote out my bucket list—six pages long—and, on it, I want to make rockers.

Attached you will see a photo of the rocker, which I still have, in my living room—a visual reminder of my first furniture purchase.

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