Bell’s candles

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

By Mary Ekene

“What is that smell?” “It smells like berries and cinnamon and pumpkin. Oooooh where is it coming from?” I said when I went to one of my girlfriend’s house last week.

“They are candles. I bought four from a girl named India Bell. She makes homemade candles,” My girlfriend responded. “I need her number and I am going to message her on Facebook.” I said.

I could not believe how good her candles smelled. It was so wonderful and the aroma filled the room. I called India Bell and complimented her on her candles. I also supported her business by buying some of her candles as well. Her candles are truly one of a kind.

India Bell is from Orange, Texas and has been making her candles for the past seven years.   “I began making hand-poured candles with persistence and a consistent drive,” Bell said.

Bell is a single mother of six and said she believes if you cannot find a job, create one.

“I have been through a lot in my life and my children are my priority. I strongly believe God gave me this gift to make a difference in theirs,” Bell said to me.

Uniquely Handmade Candles and Creations are candles that literally fill up the room when you light them. I personally love the candles I have purchased from Bell and will be a customer from now on.

India Bell has six children by the name of Da’ Shauna 13, Mikaila 8, Jaiceun 5, Izaac 4, Isaiah 2, and Zyon 1.

“When you do what you love, the money will follow. I know God has me and my family,” Bell says.

India Bell makes centerpieces as well as decorates clothing and does home décor.

“I do not take any credit for this, but I give God all of the glory. Through Him anything is possible and He has shown me that through my business.”

India Bell we are very proud of you and keep up the fantastic work. Orange, Texas applauds you for keeping our homes, offices, and churches smelling great!


Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner/CEO of Livol Liver Cleanse