Cormier Museum honors Veterans

Published 11:00 am Sunday, March 25, 2018

By Ginger Broomes

The Orange Leader


The newest display, however was one of Jesse’s proudest at Orangefield’s Cormier Museum, a display built by the volunteers after Cormier’s death – the veteran’s display. Set up to look like an army tent, complete with camo netting, the inside housed memorabilia going all the way back to the Civil War. There were photos and maps and hats donated by families. Some of the students that Jesse had taught while a teacher donated items – a past student who made a career out of the coast guard, with a map that showed the path his ship took while breaking up ice around South America. A helmet from World War II, written with the names of all the towns and countries the soldier visited during his tour – including France and Germany.

“I wanted to do something to honor our veterans,” volunteer, Jesse Fremont said.

The Orangefield Cormier museum is located on Highway 105, right before the Orangefield High School and just past K-Dan’s. For non-locals, take I-10 exit 873 to TX 73/62 south 2.5 miles. Turn right on FM 105. Drive 2.5 miles to Orangefield High School. The museum is on the east side of the campus.

Open 3rd Saturday of each month, 10 am – 2 pm. Admission is free, donations are accepted.