OC will not be forgotten

Published 1:13 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


In 1999, the first Republican was elected into office when Judge Cimron Campbell won the election for judge.

“I was asked to run to bring integrity to judge,” Campbell said as he accepted the Legacy Award presented to him on Saturday night during the Orange County Republican Party Lincoln Reagan dinner.

Lifetime achievement awards were presented to the former Orange County Republican Chairs.

Congressman Babin spoke on the importance of this district with the location of several petro chemical plants and Interstate 10.

“”As the flood waters rised, so did the people,” Babin said. “There is a specialness of Texas.”

Oraneg County Chair David Covey said he saw Bain, with his wife, in Mauriceville after the storm.

“Babin was there, in Mauriceville with a truck load of water, and supplies right after the storm,” Covey said.

While introducing Governor Greg Abbott, State Representative Dade Phelan spoke about the recent disasters, which have affected the area from the flood in 2016 to Harvey in 2017.

“Abbott made sure Oraneg County was not forgotten,” Phelan said. “He told us, ‘What do you need? Let’s get it done.’ The four shower trailers that showed up in Orange County, well the National Guards that saw them thought it was Christmas.”

Phelan added the 90/10 match with FEMA was unheard of and it was Abbott who made it happen.

Abbott gave the credit to the local officials.

“It is exciting for me to meet so many people involved in politics,” Abbott said. “Usually I know everyone attending and tonight I am meeting so many for the first time.”

Abbott said Texas is better than it was four years ago with more Texans having jobs, unemployment is down, new projects and new jobs.

“And four years ago, it was the best state in the country,” Abbott said.

Abbott was also presented on Friday with the Governors Cup from the Site Selection Group. The cup was presented to former Governor Rick Perry three out of four years. Abbott has now received it four times making it a record breaking six years in a row for Texas.

Site Selection awards the Governor’s Cup annually to top-performing states in the areas of business and job creation. In 2017, Texas led the nation with 594 business relocations or expansions.

“If Texas was it’s own country, it would have the 10th largest economy in the world,” Abbott said. “That is larger than the economy of Canada, Australia and Russia.”

Along with celebrating the success of improving economy, Abbott added Texas is the top five states for high school graduation rates.

“Our goal is by 2030, for 60-percent to have a college degree or certificate,” Abbott said. “We will be the most educated state in the United States. We understand not one size fits all.”

He shared a story of young man who opted to go to welding school instead of college.

“His first year he was making $100,000 a year. His second year he made $140,000,” Abbott said.

The governor also spoke on the crack down on human trafficking in Texas.

“We are trying to put an end to it in Texas,” Abbott said. “We have to do something about sky rocketing property taxes and to improve the schools. Teachers are underpaid and I want to see them get a well deserved pay raise and do away with Robin Hood funding in schools.”

Abbott reminded everyone, the work starts now and all the way to November.

“Every vote cast in Orange County counts just like a vote cast in Dallas,” Abbott said. “Texas values are not up for grabs.”