Ekene: Elaine’s Blessings honors mother

Published 11:46 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Vernike Lynn Williams- Pitre is Proprietor and Owner of ELAINE’S BLESSINGS. She named her business after her deceased mother Elaine W. Belton.

She wanted to honor her mother by naming her business after her. For this reason, the love, talent and creativity of her late mother was her inspiration for her business.

Williams-Pitre is from Louisiana but has resided in Orange, Texas for a number of years. “Orange is home to me and I have come to meet great people here,” she stated to me.

Williams- Pitre has had ELAINE’S BLESSINGS opened since 2017 and sells homemade cookies, brownies, breads, gift baskets, mugs, novelties, juices, soft drinks, frozen treats, and more.

Williams- Pitre also caters, decorates events, decorates weddings, and is also a minister in the church.

“I love baking, arranging flowers, and assembling baskets.” Williams-Pitre said. “It reminds me when I used to bake with my mother.” she concluded. “I love working in the church as well; God is my source of energy daily.”

Vernike Lynn Williams- Pitre allows the Lord to be the solid foundation in everything she does.

“Sometimes you have to step out on faith and let God take full control.”

Williams- Pitre we are proud of what you do and may you continue to do a great job.

As her message says, “Your blessing is right around the corner!”

Keep the good faith Ms. Williams; Orange, Texas appreciates your business.


Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner/CEO of Livol Liver Cleanse