Church group returns support for Orangefield resident

Published 1:19 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


ORANGEFILED — From ages five to 64, no job was too small or too large for the Missionary group from Prairie Grove First Baptist Church in Arkansas.

The church heard about Peggy Alford, a retired missionary who lost two homes in the flooding during Hurricane Harvey in August.

First Christian Church in Orangefield is hosting the group as the group provides a new home for Alford.

Avery Griffin, 12, on her first missionary trip said she has been helping with cutting tin for pressure blocks and using a nail gun.

Also on nail gun duty was Tristen Hamrick, 14, who also helped with floor jousts.

“I want to help out a fellow Christian in need,” Hamrick said.

While it was Kylee Patterson’s first time to travel to Texas, it is not her first experience with constructing a home.

Patterson, 15, said she helped build her own house by helping her dad, James.

“This is my ninth or tenth mission trip,” James said. “Construction is an area I am gifted in. God gifted me with this talent so this is a way to honor and glorify Him.”

John Hays, 19, denies being an expert while he has made several mission trips with most being construction involved.

“I can hit a nail into wood,” Hays said. “But I am not an expert. I love mission trips because it is a way we can serve. We can minister to people through service. When you go with a group, you come together in unity. A body of believers builds unity. Building friendships is a pivotal thing while serving.”

While the group all concur the weather in Texas is more humid than they are use to in Arkansas, they were all enjoying being here and helping a fellow missionary.

Natalie Ceniceros, 19, on her first mission trip said this was not her first time in Texas.

“My family is from El Paso,” Ceniceros said. “It is not as hot here and a lot greener.”

The group is spending their Spring Break in Orangefield helping one resident on the road to recovery after Hurricane Harvey.