SETERF Receives $3 Million Donation from Motiva for Harvey Recovery Efforts

Published 9:30 pm Friday, March 16, 2018

To The Leader

BEAUMONT –Southeast Texas Emergency Relief Fund (SETERF) announced today it has received $3 million from Motiva Enterprises for Hurricane Harvey recovery and rebuilding efforts in Port Arthur and the surrounding areas of Jefferson, Hardin and Orange counties. This initiative will create advisory councils composed of Motiva representatives, key community stakeholders and local officials to determine how Motiva’s donation will be allocated in the different areas of Southeast Texas. The advisory councils will select local and regional organizations focused on alleviating community-wide problems and that can demonstrate immediate impact and resolution of challenges to recovery efforts in Port Arthur and the surrounding three-county region.

“SETERF is working to bring hope and healing to our Southeast Texas neighbors,” said Joe Domino, board member of the Southeast Texas Emergency Relief Fund. “The outpouring of support by individuals and local businesses has been remarkable, but we still have a long way to go to fully recover in the region. Our hope is that Motiva’s donation reinvigorates the giving spirit that is so characteristic and ingrained in our community.”

“By partnering with companies like Motiva, we are able to fund programs and projects that stabilize the lives of individuals and their families who are still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey,” Domino added.

The Advisory Councils established to represent the different communities of Southeast Texas will consider charitable contributions to eligible nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies focused on getting community members back in their homes, helping schools with infrastructure and program recovery and aiding children and families in underserved areas. Special emphasis is on supporting programs designed to retain residential populations within the Port Arthur and surrounding communities following this devastating storm.

For additional information, organizations can contact SETERF at

“Port Arthur and the surrounding area is an incredibly important community to us – a community that we want to invest in for the long term,” said Brian Coffman, president and CEO of Motiva. “We were very intentional in our choice of a community partner when we decided to work with SETERF to manage and deliver on our commitment to ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts in Southeast Texas. We are honored to partner with this organization to make a difference in the community.”